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Founded in 2013, the Lausanne Universities Club (LUC) Voile is a university club recognized by the UNIL and EPFL Sports Department.

By bringing together the EPFL-UNIL Sailing Team and the EPFL Sailing Club, it has become the largest university sailing platform in Switzerland.

LUC Voile is the sailing club for members of the university community on the Lausanne campus. Its aim is to encourage and support learning to sail at all levels until excellence is achieved.

This spirit of success is also associated with a spirit of fair play and respect, both within the association and towards opponents.


Open Day Sailing

Would you like to try it out? Come join one of our yearly Open Sailing Days* to learn about the clubs, the squad, and try sailing! The next Open Sailing Day will be hold at the club on

JUNE 1st 2024

*The contribution for the Open Sailing Days is of 10 chf for members of the club and 15chf if you are not a member (yet).

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Come sail whenever you want on the LUC Voile boats in the idyllic setting of Lake Geneva.

Become a member today and book a boat for your next sailing adventure!

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Members can participate to lake and sea regatta of different levels. For example, the wednesday training regattas and experienced member participate in the great classics of the lake, such as the 5 days of Lake Geneva, the Geneva-Rolle, the Bol d'Or and Criteriums Surprise.

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The club offers you a chance to experience the sport off the shore with other members, now we are extending out to challenge the open sea.

Join us on our sailing cruises, where you'll have a chance to meet other students from the University as well have fun and learn new things in a holiday setting.

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Sailing licence

LUC Voile offers a platform based on volunteering to help our members pass the D license. Once the theory is obtained, it is possible to go out with the Surprise of the club with a volunteer guide who can help you in your preparation.

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Extra activities

Along with all the boat trips, we also enjoy getting together on land when we need an occasional getaway at the club or out of town. We like to go on hikes, camping trips, skiing, and other outdoor activities so we can appreciate nature's beauty.

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David Revaz

David Revaz


I take care of external contacts and ensure the smooth running of the club.

Loïc Fache

Loïc Fache

Vice president & Sponsoring manager

I take care of the smooth running of the committee and the relations with the sponsors

Clara Trellu

Clara Trellu

Regatta manager

I take care of the organization of the trainings as well as the support to the crews during their regattas

Ozan Yakar

Ozan Yakar

Regatta manager

I take care of the organization of the trainings as well as the support to the crews during their regattas

Vincent Vanat

Vincent Vanat

Equipment manager

I take care of the maintenance of the boats and the equipment

Nadine Boller

Nadine Boller

Navigations manager

I supervise the reservation of the boats as well as the sailings

Alexandre Wenger

Alexandre Wenger


I take care of the administrative aspect of our association

Louis Chômienne

Louis Chômienne

Event manager

I take care of the organization of events of our association

Judith Rodo

Judith Rodo

Communication manager

I am in charge of the communication of our association

We are hiring

We are hiring

Digital Manager

I'm in charge of maintaining the digital tools of the association like our website, our boat reservation system and our app.



Status LUC Voile


Reglement LUC Voile



How to become a member ?

You can register on this site, all the information is given in the registration form.

What contribution do i have to pay ?

For student it's 100 CHF per academic year
For PhD student it's...

What is the difference between LUC Voile and the nautical center ?

The LUC Voile is the sailing association of the Lausanne universities, we are based in Vidy. You can reserve our boat when you are a member.

I have a foreign licence, is it also valid in Switzerland ?

Unfortunately no, but you can train your exam at the LUC Voile

How to race ?

To race you can write to our regatta manager and he/she will tell you where to go depending in your level

How to take a lesson ?

The LUC Voile is based on knowing sharing between members, we don't give lesson but you can go out with our members and you will learn a lot of things

can we go out on the water all year round ?

No, under 4°C we doesn't allow our member to go out with our boats and night session aren't allow.


LUC Voile
Centre sportif de Dorigny
Quartier UNIL - Lac
Villa des sports
CH-1015 Lausanne